Visa Platinum Credit Card

Why should you have an OFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card?

  • Great Rate - Transfer higher card balances or charge your next purchase on an OFCU Visa Platinum with rates from 9.75% APR - 18.00% APR. (APR = annual percentage rate)
  • Platinum Rewards - Earn 1 point for every dollar when you use your OFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card. Redeem your points for merchandise, experiences, cash, giftcards and more.
  • 25-Day Grace Period on Purchases - Enjoy no interest charges during your 25-day grace period each month. You'll pay no interest charges at all when you pay for your purchases in full before the payment due date.
  • No Annual Fee - While some cards impose an annual fee just to have their card, OFCU Visa Platinum boasts no annual fee.
  • No Fee Cash Advances - Receive cash instantly at our teller stations up to your available credit limit. Advances may also be made through other financial institutions displaying the Visa logo.
  • Worldwide Acceptance - Your OFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card is accepted in 160 countries around the world. Whether traveling, shopping or in an emergency...your card is as good as cash at more than 11 million merchant locations worldwide.
  • Credit Card Information - Access your credit card account in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. View your transaction history or make payments. Transactions on your card are updated at the end of each business day.
  • Easy Online/Mobile Payments - pay your OFCU credit card balance by transferring funds from your OFCU Savings or Checking account. Available in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Select one-time payment or recurring payments. Learn about more ways to pay your OFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  • Free eStatements in Online Bankingvisa checkout

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