OFCU Visa Debit Card

How does it work?

The Visa Debit Card is tied to your Checking account so the money comes directly out of that account. You can use the card for Point of Sale purchases (i.e. grocery stores, retail locations, online) or at any ATM.

Two Easy Ways to use your Visa Debit Card:

  • press "credit" at check out and sign for your purchase (this is called signature based transaction).
  • press "debit" at check out and enter you Personal Identification Number (PIN) (this is called a PIN-based transaction)

OFCU's Visa Debit Card is Free!

That's right, there is no charge to apply for the card and we don't charge for using the card at any point of sale location.

Purchase Rewards

What if you could earn money, just for using your Orlando Federal Debit Card? Well, you can. With Orlando Federal’s new Purchase Rewards program you can get cash back incentives when you shop or dine at participating merchants. Learn more.

What about ATM Charges?

If you use an ATM with the CU 24 HERE logo or Publix, there is no charge. The CU 24 network is one of the nations largest surcharge free networks. For a list of all the surcharge free ATMs in your area, please click here. For out of network ATMs, there will be a charge (see fee schedule) from Orlando Federal and also may be one from the ATM provider.

How To Get A Card

Apply for a free Debit Card for easy access at stores and ATMs! Call (407) 835-3500 or visit any of our locations.

How to Change or Choose Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on Your OFCU Debit Card.

Effective 06/10/2013 new debit card holders will not receive their PIN by mail. Once new card holders receive their Debit card they will be required to call 855-887-3944 to activate and choose their 4 digit PIN.

You can change the PIN on your OFCU Debit Card at any time:
1. Call toll free 855-887-3944, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will asked your current PIN in order to choose a new PIN.
2. Change your PIN at an Orlando Federal Credit Union ATM. You will be asked your current PIN in order to choose a new PIN.
3. Visit one of our 9 offices to change or choose your PIN number. You will not be asked your current PIN.

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